Enterprises are adopting IoT technologies in their digital transformation journey. Simultaneously, consumers are using more home IoT devices than ever before. Both trends require safe IoT devices that consumers and businesses can trust to collect data on their behalf. …

Today after playing tennis, my friend and I started chatting. My friend is a caregiver at a local hospital in Cambridge. Most of his time, he attends to elderly patients at the hospital who are suffering from dementia.

Aging societies is not just a UK phenomenon. All societies in the…

Cryptography relies heavily on confidentiality of its private keys . A HSM (Hardware security module) is a physical computing hardware used for secure key storage, key management and cryptographic operations.

HSM vendors have designed HSM in various form factors ranging from nano-form with USB interface, network appliance, PCI extension card…

Let’ say you (a payer) want to make a contactless payment using a NFC enabled smartphone. The diagram below gives a high level overview. There are multiple steps happening under the hood.

Payment Transaction

Step 1: Payer unlocks the phone and sends the token

First the digital wallet performs user authentication. The customer must unlock it’s smartphone using a fingerprint or entering…

RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Alderman) Cryptography

RSA is a public-key cryptographic system first published in 1977. RSA security relies on the difficulty of factoring the product of two large prime numbers.

RSA use cases

  • TLS Authentication: Server and Client can use RSA to perform server authentication and optional client authentication.
  • An entity can sign a message with its RSA…

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